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Vivo Biosciences

Vivo Biosciences Acquired by LifeNet Health


Founded in Birmingham, Ala., in 2004, Vivo Biosciences was the first to develop “all-human” bioassay platforms for accelerating drug discovery, disease therapeutics and certain stem-cell applications. Vivo Bioscience’s technologies facilitate rapid testing and analysis to predict efficacy, toxicity, and therapeutic response of a variety of drugs, including chemotherapy in cancer treatments.

Pritchard Griffin conducted an exhaustive divestiture process aimed at identifying the best suited acquirers for Vivo’s technology. Without the benefit of ongoing commercial revenues, Vivo could only be properly appreciated and valued by an acquirer with very specific strategic needs.

LifeNet Health acquired VIvo’s assets as part of the organization’s growing emphasis on applying cell-based innovations to the process of pharmaceutical discovery and personalized medicine.



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