• Full-scope divestiture advisory services based on a proven and intricate process that ensures confidentiality, seller control, and the highest possible premiums.​​  
  • Pritchard Griffin drives premiums by focusing on measurable synergies and strategic value.​


  • Acquisition advisory services that position clients to discreetly approach and acquire their most desirable strategic targets with full confidence of potential synergies and post-transaction shareholder value enhancement.​  
  • ​​​Pritchard Griffin facilitates acquisitions not available in the open market.


  • Creative, cross-border deal making to produce “win-win” scenarios in strategic alliances, joint ventures, and trading relationships.​​  
  • Pritchard Griffin connects clients to new geographies and sectors. 

Capital Raising

  • Close, consistent interface with private equity, family offices, and high net worth individuals seeking new investment opportunities.
  • ​​Pritchard Griffin is in constant touch with investors seeking high-quality private investment opportunities.

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